Monday, December 28, 2009

So Here It Is, Merry Christmas! Everybody's Having Fun....

Well it's actually Merry Fourth Day of Christmas! (I wiki'd it up cause the 12 days of Christmas song was confusing me).

Now my family is very typically Asian so they don't celebrate but this year we finally decided to stop procrastinating and me and Jenny had a Christmas dinner. Like a normal dinner party it is awkwardly filled with people we don't talk to that much. But I did get to cook a four course meal!

First and Second Course - Starters:
Krab Kakes

Cream of Cauliflower Soup

They're Krab Kakes as opposed to Crab Cakes because I used those imitation crab sticks from sushi places =P. Real crab are expensive D=! The Krab Kakes turned out well though, my dad bought it and it's the kind they used in his restaurant. A bit sweet and not too fishy. Also, it had a nice crust outside. The soup was creamy and really flavorful.

Third Course - Main:


Sides: Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Stuffing, and Roasted Vegetables.

There was also Garlic Roasted Portabello Mushrooms but they didn't photograph well. Unfortunately the turkey was a bit overcooked, it was perfect the first time but then I never cooked a Turkey and thought it would take longer to cook and then when I reheated it it was dried =.=. But the mashed potatoes were really good and really easy to cook, I used a rice cooker and you just have to add a VERY small amount of water and it steams itself! Than you add cream and butter and seasoning! I cheated on the gravy (cause Jenny hates homemade gravy for some reason), it was powder with turkey drippings and on the stuffing (cause stuffing is annoying0.

Fourth Course - Dessert:

Fruit Cake - Asian Style~

The cake could be a bit lighter but I liked it, it was not too sweet and I thought the flavors are really genuine unlike the crap you usually get at Chinese bakeries. But need more refrigerating time or just use more gelatin for the whipped cream, it was still to soft. There was supposed to be an apple sorbet as a palate cleanser but I forgot it >.>...


A great cocktail that Jenny made: peach juice, Sprite, and Ice Wine (which apparently comes in red!). I'm really sensitive to the taste of alcohol (I personally think beer taste like wet socks) but I couldn't taste alcohol in it. So great for getting young girls with low tolerance drunk! DO NOT DO THAT!!!! I'LL CALL THE COPS ON YOU!!!

We also had copious amounts of Jack Daniels and I had drunken sex.

Merry Christmas =D!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Would You Like Fries With That?

Okay so we can all kinda agree McDonald's is kinda shit right? But there is one thing I just can't escape from: their ORGASMIC fries. It's like deep fried in cocaine or something it's SOOOOOOOOOOO addicting. Of course I later learned it was "natural flavoring" which I'm guessing is as natural as the breasts on those playboy bunnies. So I try to do second best: my own homemade version!


Yep fries with mayo. IT'S A CANADIAN TRADITION OKAY!!! And anyways, nothing is better than homemade mayo, I use to hate mayonnaise too but it's because I thought it was Miracle Whip all this time. But real mayonnaise is creamy with a bit of tang but it's more subtle and does not taste like cheap vinegar you use to clean the tables.


Oh god I'm updating this place so little I should call it A Dish A Month or something =/. Hopefully with break soon I can post more =D!