Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Would You Like Fries With That?

Okay so we can all kinda agree McDonald's is kinda shit right? But there is one thing I just can't escape from: their ORGASMIC fries. It's like deep fried in cocaine or something it's SOOOOOOOOOOO addicting. Of course I later learned it was "natural flavoring" which I'm guessing is as natural as the breasts on those playboy bunnies. So I try to do second best: my own homemade version!


Yep fries with mayo. IT'S A CANADIAN TRADITION OKAY!!! And anyways, nothing is better than homemade mayo, I use to hate mayonnaise too but it's because I thought it was Miracle Whip all this time. But real mayonnaise is creamy with a bit of tang but it's more subtle and does not taste like cheap vinegar you use to clean the tables.

Instructions: http://joyciel.livejournal.com/114981.html#cutid1

Oh god I'm updating this place so little I should call it A Dish A Month or something =/. Hopefully with break soon I can post more =D!

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