Monday, April 26, 2010

Wow, It's Only Been Two Days Since I Last Posted!

I love outdoor barbecue. You get to enjoy the ocean and the beach sand while waving a stick with meat around charcoal with your friends. For some reason my Chinese parents liked to put honey on a lot of their meats, especially chicken wings and it makes sense. I didn't realize it was weird till later when I can't find it in Canada at all. The closest is honey garlic chicken wings but those were deep fried and just not it. So I resorted to make it myself and it's really simple. I used the same method with my chicken thighs since they were on sale!


Honey Glazed Chicken With Balsamic Zucchini
Servings: 2

Chicken thighs - 4
Soy sauce - 250ml (1 cup)
Honey - 55 ml (about 3 1/2 tablespoons)
Butter - 20g
Zuccini - 300g (I reduced the amount from the picture, that was way too much zucchini)
Oil - 15 ml (1 table spoon)
Balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper - to taste



1. Add chicken to bowl (preferred) or plastic bag Brine chicken with a tablespoon of honey and enough soy sauce to cover the chicken halfway, brine for an hour, flipping the chicken once after half an hour
2. Turn oven to 350
3. Rub the thighs with the oil and put in oven on the middle rack, skin face down
4. Heat up honey in the microwave, mix with a little bit of soy sauce (not the ones that touched the chicken), it should be a bit sweeter than your like
5. Brush the honey mixture on the chicken, brush generously
6. After 10 minutes, flip the thighs and then brush the honey on the skin
7. After 10 minutes, brush again and move the chicken to the top rack till done (10 more minutes)

Note: I don't really want to give a time to when the chicken is done cause all ovens are different. I say you should use a thermometer to make sure the chicken is at 163 degrees Fahrenheit so the carry over heat will cook it to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. You could also tell when the meat is quite firm but gives in. If the meat is stringy you overcooked it.


1. Cut zucchini in quarter slices
2. Melt butter at medium high heat
3. Once butter is melted and starts getting a bit blubbly,add the zucchini and salt
4. Season with pepper after almost done cooking
5. Add vinegar

I really like how the sweetness of the honey and the saltiness of the chicken and soy sauce really balances out and work together. Also balsamic vinegar really makes the zucchini tastes more refreshing!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Going Off Tangent

I have a new mission! I think I've gain quite a bit too much weight lately so I'm trying to lose it...and instead of starving myself like an idiot I'm going to eat my weight off. Not like diet pills or anything, just good to honest nice, balanced meals with more vegetables and some what less fat.

So for the next while, I'm going to focus on more healthful food so to say though I don't want to label it that cause it usually means "inferior tasteless cardboard and you might as well kill me now".

NO! I'm going to make things that you actually want to put in your mouth! So no steamed vegetables or boiled to death chicken breast. Just flavorful, filling, satisfying food. Now lets get this shit started.

Something easy: a sandwich.


Avocado and Tuna Sandwich. It was actually a byproduct of me trying to make this sardine toast by Alton Brown but I was, everything but avocadoes, and especially the sardines (it's in the freaking name!) cause my mother ate them. But I had tuna and it's a fish too! I like the more fishiness of sardines cause avocadoes really mellow out the fishy taste but it still tasted fabulous.

And I shall now attempt to write out a recipe:

Avocados - 2, medium sized
Tuna - 1 can
Tomatoes - 1
Bread - 4 slices, whole wheat
Salt and pepper - to taste

1. Pour out any water from the tuna, dump tuna into a bowl and using a fork, break them into pieces
2. Cut avocadoes in half and take out the pit (just hit the blade of your knife on it so it gets lodged in and twist, or you can use a spoon), using a spoon, scoop out the flesh and add it to the tuna
3. Using the fork, mix and mash the avocado with the tuna till well intergrated
4. Salt and pepper it till it's a bit more seasoned than youjavascript:void(0)'ll like (only a little, the bread and tomato will balance it out)
5. Toast bread, and slice the tomatoes, spread the avocado-tuna mix onto one side, add slices of tomato and put the other slice of bread


See? Don't even really need a recipe. This sandwich is really healthy since while you do need fat for your body to run we eat too much bad fat (that tastes amazingly good) but avocado is fatty but gives you good fat (monosaturated and polyunsaturated) and for the tuna, it gives you vitamin D like nothing else. Also whoever said carbs are bad, it's a bunch of bullshit, you do need carbs but white flour and shit are very refined so they don't really give much nutritional value unlike whole grains. It's not as fine and fluffy but it tastes more complex than just white bread. And the's a fucking tomato, of course it's healthy!

And I do highly recommend you try Alton Brown's recipe, because I love sardines. Not only do they have low mercury levels but they are plentiful, not endangered, and can be farmed like crazy without any terrible repercussions!