Saturday, June 2, 2012

Let's Try This One More Time~

Or four more times I hope no ones keeping track of the times I've said this. To be fair I do have a reasonable excuse. Like Chris Rock's father, I too, have two jobs now! Albeit, they're both time but it ain't a walk in the park either! I work as a garde manger at an Italian restaurant and as a baker in another...bakery. Working my way slowly into the industry~ But main point is, I have, once again, an urge to blog! To distract myself from the mess that is my life perhaps but as they say, good food cures everything (especially hunger)! So hopefully I can get back to a bi-monthly pace I had going on before. So I probably will never be Internet famous at this rate. Usually bloggers get a book deal before they never update unless it's to talk about the book or maybe once in awhile half-ass a post that is nowhere near the quality of the posts pre-book deal. Oh that will just a be a dream to me~ Anyways, next post will hopefully be about my Christmas dinner yea that thing six months ago. Although if I post it later I can play it off as ideas for this coming Christmas?!

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