Monday, November 7, 2011

Going Green: Baked Stuffed Avocado With Asparagus And Chorizo

Lunch time is healthy time! Also my fridge is ridiculously bare normally I would try to add some colour to my plates. But I try to find a way to utilize as much vegetables as possible.

Let me just wax some poetic about the lovely avocado first though. It's something that works well in savoury and sweet, it can be cubed, sliced, and mashed, it adds a nice flavour to any dish but never overpower, and most importantly IT'S GOOD FOR YOU!


Baked Stuffed Avocado With Asparagus and Chorizo
Servings: 2


Baked Avocado


Mise En Place
Avocadoes - 1
Canned tuna - 60g (half a can, drained)
Carrot - 1/2 small stick, brunoise (small dice, about 1-2 mm if possible)
Celery - 1 small stalk or 1/2 huge stalk (brunoise)
Leeks - 25g ( half a cup)

1. Preheat oven to 350.
1. Wash the outside of the avocado thoroughly, use a knife to cut the avocado in the middle and move the knife around the pit so there is a cut in the middle throughout the avocado. Twist and the two halves should pull apart. Take out the seed and scoop out the flesh without destroying the skin.
2. Add a little butter to the pan at low heat, add the carrot and a pinch of salt. Add the celery a minute later, than add the leek after another minute. Add more butter if necessary.
Avocado Mixture
4. Using a fork, cut the tuna flakes to smaller pieces, mix with the avocado. When the vegetables are cooked, add to the avocado mixture.
Stuffed Avocadoes
5. Carefully scoop the avocado mixture into the shell.
6. Put in the oven at the top rack for ten minutes.
7. Turn the oven to broil and take out when the top is golden brown.

Note: You can substitute tuna for sardines, I actually think sardines work better because it is less fishy to me. Also sardines are healthier and more sustainable (to go with this green theme I have going on).

Asparagus And Chorizo

Chorizo And Asparagus


Mise en Place 2
Asparagus - 1 bunch
Choizo - 90g (I used 3/4 of a stick, Piller's brand ones), sliced in 3-4mm slices
White wine

1. Add the chorizo to pan with a tablespoon of oil, turn to low heat, this is to try to render out some of the fat
2. When some fat is rendered, and the pan is starting to brown, turn to medium heat and add the asparagus, add some more oil if neccessary (I couldn't get a lot of fat our so I did add some more oil)
3. Deglaze the pan with the white wine, about 3/4 cups but I just eyeballed it.
4. Put the lid on top, with the spatula in the pot to stop it from fully closing, turn it down to low heat, add the chorizo.
5. When the asparagus is cooked turn it back to high heat and cook off any excess liquid.

Note: Do you see anything missing from this recipe? Yea, SALT! Well the chorizo was quite salty (like those pepperoni stick you buy from the convenience store) so I thought adding salt will make it too salty. So try the chorizo first and salt to your discretion!

So I loved the avocado, the fat from the fruit mellowed out the fishiness of the tuna and the vegetables, especially the leeks really gave it a kick of complex flavours. Asparagus is always tasty and it works well with chorizo, which is also delicious.

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