Monday, June 1, 2009

The Bitch is Back!

Cause it felt so empty ~without me~!

After a week of emancipation from the kitchen and outside food I had to cook again to appease my queasy stomach (too much junk food =(). I did not hate it, I think I am starting to like gastronomical activities again!

To celebrate, I popped some popovers (champagne is overrated) with some homemade chocolate ice cream. Popovers are sort of like cream puffs, they have one big hole in the middle amongst several tinier holes. Usually there's a depression from the top when the steam eventually escape and cannot support it anymore but I sorta broke the bottom so it's not enclosed (._.').




Popover from the culinary genius, Alton Brown! Ice cream recipe from David Lebovitz =D!

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