Monday, June 8, 2009

Nothing Is Real and Nothing to Get Hung About

Strawberry pie forever?

The first time I remember eating strawberries was when my cousins came from HK and we went to pick them in bushes. It was hot and full of bugs (the fields not the strawberries) but the strawberries were absolutely DELICIOUS! And that's when I start liking strawberries.

Unfortunately not all strawberries are created equal and Canada is stuck in an ice age 75% of the time. Out of season strawberries are sour, bland, and just never taste like what they could taste like. Makes me wonder why so many people like strawberries, I think they just like the idea of them, and they're pretty.

But I was in St. Lawrence Market a while back and the strawberries looked really nice so I picked up a basket anyways. It was five dollars! But tasted sweeter and better than the ones at the grocery stores. And after a marathon of Pushing Daisies I was in pie mode again.

It all starts here:
The strawberries of course, they were quite inspiring.

And ends like this:



For recipe and instructions:

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