Thursday, May 14, 2009

A HK Cafe Staple

And a Chinese classic. I remembered wanting to make it since I saw this old HK show with Bobby Au Yeung called Happy Ever After. It's set in like the olden times and Bobby is like a talented chef and eventually becomes the royal chef (I never got why people actually wanted to be that, if the Emporor so much as coughed, your whole family is dead), and like all good TVB series there is backstabbing and conspiracies!! Anyways, the dish I remembered the most is Ma Po Tofu, because that's the dish he remembered when he was a kid before someone (father?) died while making them, and he was trying to recreate it but failed several times. Finally, the secret was coating tofu with egg whites and using meat juices to flavor the sauce rather than actual ground beef. I never even heard of that dish before I watched the show but it made me REALLLLLY wanted to try it. I didn't do any of that shit of course but I make Ma Po tofu!



It was both a successful and an unsuccessful dish, it was good failed in the sense it did not taste like Ma Po Tofu...hmm...=/. Still good though!

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